Claudia Duck Tucker

for Supervisor District 2


is a Senior Vice President of a large telehealth company. She is passionate about healthcare access and firmly believes that your zip code should not determine the quality of care that you get. She has worked tirelessly to educate policy makers at the state and federal level about telehealth and the value it brings to address disparities in health care.

Claudia is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and lives in the Lowesville area of Amherst. She has served on the Board of Supervisors for the past 11 years. She is a strong advocate for our agricultural industry in Amherst.

Claudia is married to Bill Tucker of Tucker Family Farms. Tucker Family Farms has won numerous national awards for their quality cattle program and many people in the county have enjoyed their grass fed beef.

"Experience Matters!"


  • Promote Business Growth

  • Promote Tourism

  • Achieve Education Excellence

  • Increase Citizen Engagement

Key Accomplishments:

  • Phelps Road School transferred from blight to an in-demand market rate apartment building

  • River Edge Park Trails and Construction to tie Amherst to the Lynchburg Trail system

  • Led fight NOT to tear down the old Baptist Church which is now Second Stage

  • Opened up Mill Creek Lake to swimming and other recreational activities

  • Helped develop funding plan for EDA of 1-cent tax revenue to recruit business to Amherst

  • Salary increases for public safety and Sheriff's Department

  • Fully Funded School budgets and worked to develop capital improvements plan

Election Day: November 2, 2021

Early Voting Begins: September 17, 2021

Successes as Supervisor, updated for June 2021...

Goal 1: Promote Business Growth

  • Sweet Briar has been saved to chart a new course.

  • EDA and its economic development strategic plan, “One Amherst”, receives direct funding from BoS

        • Branding is in place

        • Leadership Amherst program now recruiting its third class (Year 3)

        • Business Friendliness Initiatives are in place

        • Business licensing taxes to be restructured after election; neutral but more fair (car dealers, etc.)

        • EDA business incentives being restructured to help smaller, existing businesses

  • Affordable wireless broadband being deployed now

  • Agriculture Committee reinvigorated to promote agri-business and agri-tourism

        • Another Farmers Market

        • County Fair and 70-acre fairgrounds

  • Waukeshaw Development has discovered advantages of our positive business environment

        • Westie Apartments complete (50% occupancy so far); dog park and restroom advancing

        • Winton Farm LLC revitalization

        • Camp Trapezeum water-powered brewery in Town of Amherst now open

        • Other projects in the works

  • Sale of Pleasant View Elementary School (while empty schools in surrounding counties languish)

  • Sale of Winton Country Club with turnaround of golf business and plans for construction and growth

  • Community Development streamlined processes to help citizens/builders avoid surprises/glitches and speed up completion of their building/development projects

  • ITG is leasing EDA shell building in Amelon Business Park

  • Amelon has one of only two pad-ready business park sites in entire region; attracting much interest

  • We have acquired over $850K in funds toward preparation of CVTC for redevelopment from regional partners and the state legislature—so far.

  • Second Stage use of old church provides incubator for small businesses, community events venue, community arts venue

  • ACSA Board has begun process of separating from BoS control by adding non-BoS members to increase responsiveness to business development

Goal 2: Promote Tourism

  • Train Depot tourism information center completed and in operation

        • Offices for EDA and Chamber of Commerce

        • 2 part-time employee greeters; professional promotional video; branding materials and promotional material; new website:

        • Chamber providing tourism services under contract

  • Riveredge Park provides canoe/kayak/innertube rentals and float trips

  • 5 new playgrounds at county parks

  • Design work for extension of Riveredge Trail continues

  • Village signage program underway—Lowesville done/Elon next; light pole banners are up across Madison Heights

  • Annual Batteau Day at Riveredge Park (but cancelled due to pandemic; next year now in planning)

  • Mill Creek Lake now open to swimming with increasing recreational features (beach, raft, swingjump, restroom)

  • Riveredge Park cliffs (bluestone, not sandstone) open to rock climbing

  • Riveredge Park trail continues to grow longer; Lynchburg has pedestrian bridges in their plans

  • Horseford Road trail now connects Old Towne Mad Hts to Riveredge Park/Trail

  • Process to approve properties for short term tourist rentals has been streamlined

  • All current festivals promoted by county Facebook, websites, etc.

  • First County Fair drew 15,000 participants, paid for itself with seed money left over for this coming year; second

  • County Fair drew 10,000 participants; planning for Fair in 2021 is underway

  • Coordinating with FORVA and NFS for new river takeout at Balcony Falls

Goal 3: Promote/Protect County Assets

  • All schools have new roofs, HVAC systems and LED lighting; saving over $350K/yr in utility costs

  • Public Safety vehicles being replaced on a normal rotation.

  • Telephone system and computer aided dispatch (911) system has been replaced.

  • $2M extension to County Admin building provides offices for crowded DSS staff and modern public meeting rooms

  • Monroe School being put to full-time use by Recreation & Parks

  • Restrooms at Monacan Park refurbished and new restrooms at 4 parks

  • Uniform County park signage now in place

  • Off county books but under development: Winton CC, Pleasant View School, Phelps Road School, Amherst Baptist Church building, Parsonage restored for office use (CSA functions) and records storage

  • County GIS system updated to simplify user interface, search capability and mobile access

  • County website refurbished for greater ease of access to information

  • County budget easier to read and understand

  • Increased sidewalks in Town and Madison Heights

  • Generator for power backup added to Admin building

  • Public Information Officer position created to produce Facebook posts, press releases, website maintenance, public event planning to promote county in general

  • Landfill closing but permit remains in effect if future use needed

  • Transfer station being built to haul waste away at lower cost and reduced liability

  • Eyesore open containers gone and new convenience centers at Dodds Store and Boxwood Farm Rd with increased waste, recycling and transportation capacity so sites/boxes don’t close because they’re “full”

  • Great Recession and pandemic has been weathered with ~$5-6M unreserved General Fund balance available

  • Financial policy in place to provide funds for future capital projects beyond 5yr CIP

  • Revenues increasing due to cigarette tax and conversion of merchants capital tax to BPOL

  • No property tax increase since 2016

  • Process underway with consultant help to replace 30-yr old financial software

  • Parking lots scheduled for resurfacing this year

Goal 4: Achieve Education Excellence

  • The School District's budget was fully funded as requested; teachers received 5% raise in current budget

  • SOL test scores continue to improve; as well as Honors, AP and college-prep enrollment

  • Discipline cases continue to decline

  • Employee turnover is half the rate of recent years

  • All schools fully accredited

  • CVCC convinced to remain next to Food Lion (Mountain View Plaza) despite college financial retrenchment

  • Realtor Lunch-n-Learn to promote our school system a success

  • CTE programs expanding; heavy regional involvement/support for CTE Academy and ANAC

  • Multiple internships being provided by county to schools for seniors

  • Fiber optic cable deployed to over ??? county homes; will achieve total buildout within 4 years

Goal 5: Recruit/Retain High Quality Staff County Administration

  • Refurbishment of Admin building consolidated finance and purchasing staff with school division finance, provided growing room for IT, made HR more accessible and Legal more accessible

  • Replacement of important positions: County Attorney, Building Code Official and inspectors, Public Safety Director and his Deputy and Captains, Finance Director, Public Works Director, HR Director, Recreation & Tourism Director and Public Information Officer providing new energy and ideas.

  • Public Safety salaries now among the best in region and recruiting challenges resolved; 4th ambulance crew added

  • HR policies now consistent with legal requirements.

  • Compensation studies now regularly completed; COLA increases are now annual, aiding retention

  • Revised budget process reduces contention, clarifies choices and simplifies explanations to public

  • Revised and clarified Board operating procedures; meetings are significantly simplified & streamlined

  • An internal Leadership Group is formed and functioning to break down barriers between governmental functions and enhance communication and teamwork.

  • An internal Customer Service Team has been established to implement programs to improve customer service across all government functions.

Goal 6: Increase Citizen Engagement

  • We have 16 boards, committees, commissions and councils using low or nonpaid citizens to assist in work of local government

  • $1.2M grant for OTMH improvements is underway

  • Second Stage succeeding as community center venue and economic development incubator

  • Volunteer incentives are in place and working with firefighters

  • Derelict homes being demolished—most at owners’ expense

  • Process to cite unsightly yards and buildings has been streamlined and being successfully prosecuted

  • Beautification Committee (of the Planning Commission) has planted 118 trees along Bus29 in Mad Hts and mounted

  • 71 banners; matching beautification grants are available for 29B businesses

  • Surrounding citizens are notified first of any site planning being considered for their neighborhood

  • Budgets are now published with easy to understand explanations; strategic plan is public document

  • Facebook shares and likes continue to grow; posts are made daily

  • At least one press release is produced per week to keep citizenry informed of progress on issues/projects

  • Leadership Amherst program had 6 participants first year, 12 in this the second year (on hold during pandemic)

  • 312 volunteers were used at the County Fair the first year; 271 in the second year; Fair returns in 2021

  • Amherst Disaster Recovery Group (ADRG) created in response to April 15, 2018 tornado

        • Managed over 500 volunteer workers, multiple donations and donation collecting organizations

        • Assisted or donated materials to repair/rebuild 190 structures, assist 30 families directly

        • Now permanently organized for any future disaster to receive donations and assist families

  • Have begun holding Town Hall meetings with relaxed rules allowing fuller interaction with BoS

  • Multiple citizen planning meetings for CVTC Redevelopment, Madison Heights master plan, James River Vision Plan, VDOT long-term and paving of local rural roads

  • Citizen-led Coalition for a Cleaner County (CCC) provides planning and resources for regular litter cleanups